Is Free Access Really Workable?

After reading several posts of my peers, we can all acknowledge that there are many advantages & disadvantages to content producers allowing free access to their works online. Like my post, Norman’s post addressed plagiarism. To this, Jeremiah suggested (in his comment on my post) that the distinction between plagiarism and inspiration should be defined… Continue reading Is Free Access Really Workable?

Plagiarism In The Creative Industry

The Internet has fundamentally changed the way we live, work and communicate, and has had a profound impact on many industries. Digitization have opened up myriad possibilities for the creative industry, and enabled people to create and distribute their own content. It has also developed issues for the creative industry which becomes challenging for them.… Continue reading Plagiarism In The Creative Industry

Reflective Summary: The Issue of “Respect”

It was a rather insightful read of the various issues mentioned by my peers. This topic is really helpful for us as future marketers as it guides us on our online behaviours and future marketing campaigns. Some issues mentioned allowed me to expand my topic on ‘Respect’ into wider aspects. One of them is Maureen’s… Continue reading Reflective Summary: The Issue of “Respect”

Developing an Authentic Online Professional Profile

Socrates once said, “To find yourself, think for yourself.” This quote encourages people to embrace who they are and build up on it. Trying to be someone you are not is not only exhausting, and it will not be effective if it isn’t perceived as true (Kanter, 2015). Likewise, it can be applied to developing an authentic… Continue reading Developing an Authentic Online Professional Profile